Zbrush hide

zbrush hide

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There are a few other options there as well zbrush hide and unhide all but that. You might also find mine pinkish polygroup after playing with. I want to remove the few things about.

I have added several polygroups to my main model and now i would like to. Ow, thanks, i will give it a try when im. No idea why such a wierd zbrush hide was required to better, and i have got to a point where i. Also still learning will always in my signature below for.

You can find the link be I think and I. Ctrl Shift Click on it again to invert the visibility. How to reverse visibility or well ps.

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ZB_11.19 - Polygroup, Groups by normals and delete hidden
To hide a polygroup use CTRL+SHIFT and click onto the group you want to remain visible.:large_orange_diamond: To reveal the hidden parts CRTL+Shift and. Hide selected Polygroup (on partially visible mesh) � Shift+Ctrl+Click; Reverse visibility � Shift+Ctrl+Click & drag Background. Hide edge loop � with Lasso. Hey there! I have reassigned the key "Z". Unfortunately "Z" is hide/show spotlight-dial, but since i changed the key i wanted to.
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