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What Is Performance Appraisal?

Do you know what a performance review is? This is an HR tool that goes beyond analyzing the individual and collective performance of employees and their behaviors.

Through it, it is possible to give feedback on results, assess the level of effectiveness at work, identify talents , check the productivity of employees, among other points that will contribute to the development of measures and training programs to eliminate the problems identified and ensure the expansion of the organization.

What Is The Importance Of Performance Evaluation?

Appreciating the performance of employees is not just a formality. For some time, the number of processes that demand information about the people in the organization has grown in order to be properly planned.

The most obvious is human training and development . Qualifying requires knowledge of current performance levels and tracking the evolution of those levels as programs are implemented.

Another reflection of performance evaluations is seen in the distribution of rewards , because whoever has the best performance accesses the best benefits, such as bonuses, awards and opportunities.

Counseling is also helped. By identifying a potential or weakness of the employee, HR can instruct on the best way to evolve and increase the added value for the company.

There is also the importance of performance as a critical assumption of business strategies. It sounds complicated, but it’s not. Without performance, the company’s plans do not prosper. The best sales planning doesn’t hold up in the face of bad salespeople , for example.

Finally, mention should be made of the processes initiated because of the performance reports. It is in performance that the effects of wear and tear on the organizational climate, leaders who need to be replaced, errors in the mapping of HR processes and investments in people are investigated.


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